What are government records?

In plain language, a government record is a physical record that has a government purpose and that is held by a public agency. Under Open Public Records Act (OPRA), the "physical record" includes any:

  • Data-Processed or Image-Processed Document
  • Document
  • Drawing
  • Information Stored or Maintained Electronically or by Sound Recording
  • Map
  • Microfilm
  • Paper
  • Photograph
  • Plan
  • Written or Printed Book

Public Agencies

Public agencies include all departments and agencies of state government, including:

  • All:
    • Agencies
    • Commissions
    • Counties
    • County and Municipal Boards
    • Fire Districts
    • Independent Authorities
    • Municipalities
    • School Districts
  • State colleges and universities
  • The state’s legislature and its agencies, except that most constituent correspondence and special materials prepared for individual legislators are not covered

OPRA does not cover the state’s judicial branch and municipal courts, which have their own rules. A record held by a public agency has a "government purpose" when it has been "made, maintained, kept on file, or received in the course of official business."

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