How will artificial turf improve stormwater management at the site?

This project is as much a stormwater management project as it is a recreation project, and is expected to significantly improve stormwater runoff for this neighborhood and reduce the risk of flooding with new properly designed drainage. Due to its proximity to Robinsons Branch creek, the entire design plan must be approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection before moving forward, and any plan will have to not only improve stormwater runoff from current conditions, but also meet the state’s most updated flood protection requirements.

Because this is an area of priority in the project, the Town increased its investment capacity in the bond ordinance in order to ensure that all appropriate measures can be taken to address stormwater mitigation. 

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1. What specifically will be voted on in the referendum?
2. Why has the cost of the project increased from $9M to $11.8M?
3. How will the project be financed? Will taxpayers have to pay for the $11.8M bond?
4. What is the timeline for the project if the referendum passes?
5. What if the referendum doesn’t pass?
6. Can the Town proceed instead with the Tamaques plans or other natural grass fields?
7. Will the fields be used primarily for games or practices?
8. How will artificial turf improve stormwater management at the site?
9. Why can’t the Town pursue natural grass like the WSA did at Elm Street?
10. How many hours of in-town play will be gained by installing lighte turf?
11. Will the Town pursue newer, more sustainable turf products to mitigate environmental concerns?