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June 28, 2022 2:00 PM

Road Paving Updates: June 28

Road Paving Updates: June 28

Elizabethtown Gas' paving contractor, Atlantic Infrastructure, expects to begin the road resurfacing process, including milling and paving, on the following roads, as early as Wednesday, June 29. Notices have been distributed to affected homes.

Dorian Road (Trinity Place to Westfield Ave)
Stoneleigh Park (entire length)
Shackamaxon Drive (Rahway to Westfield Ave)
Washington Street (Rahway to Summit)
Westfield Avenue (Dorian to Washington)
Everson Place (entire length)
Beechwood Place (entire length)

Additional roads that will follow in the coming weeks are listed below. Notices will be distributed in these areas by Atlantic Infrastructure prior to the work commencing.

Kimball Avenue (Baker to Kimball Turn)
Canterbury Road (entire length)
Canterbury Lane (entire length)
Winyah Avenue (Canterbury Lane to Linden)
Jefferson Ave (dead end to Saunders)
Linden Avenue (entire length)
Baker Avenue (Oak to Winyah)

As always, all work is weather permitting.

Road Paving
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