Sidewalk Cafe License

LICENSING PERIOD: March 1 - November 30

To obtain a license for a sidewalk cafe, you must submit the following:

  1. Completed application
  2. Signed indemnification & maintenance agreement
  3. A valid current Certificate of Insurance
  4. Copy of the development plan including diagrams
  5. Written authorization and approval of the owner of the principal building if other than applicant
  6. Payment for the appropriate fees, payable to the "Town of Westfield"


01-10 SEATS (No more than two (2) tables
11-25 SEATS
26-50 SEATS

In order for your Sidewalk Cafe to be inspected for approval, all documents must be submitted to this office by February 1st of the year. Once a resolution approving your application is passed by the Westfield Town Council the license will be issued. 

Click here for Sidewalk Cafe regulations.

Click here for Sidewalk Cafe Application